5 Reasons Not To Eat Maggi||Harmful For Health

What you are reading is right, your beloved maggi is not good for your and your loved ones health. We will tell you 5 reasons not to eat maggi as it is harmful for health.

Beautiful and Tasty Poison.

1. Does Not Have Any Nutrition.

Maggi does not have any nutrients in it. It does not have any vitamin,minerals etc.It only have carbohydrates and give some amount of energy. If you skip your meal for maggi then this definitely gonna hurt your health . This is a small reason not to eat maggi.

2. Too Much Of Sodium

Maggi contains too much of sodium i.e. salt in it which is very harmful for persons having high blood pressure. It raises your Blood pressure to a very extent.

3. Contains Maida

Maida also known as white poison is the key ingredient of maggi. It is very harmful for our digestive system. It creates a type of blockage in your intestines and causes digestive problems.

4. Makes You Fat

Maggi makes you obese. It contains a very excess amount of carbohydrates(Fat).Maggi noodles are however highly calorific, and contain an obscene amount of fat. For 100 grams which is a bit more than a small Maggi packet(85 grams) there is 407calories. So if you eat one packet of Maggi then you are eating about 345 calories. There is a whopping 14.4grams of fat,which amount to make you fat. This is the biggest reason not to eat maggi.

5. Contains Harmful Preservatives

Thats true. To keep our maggi intact for long time,too much of preservatives, emulsifiers and so called added nutrients are added to it Therefore making it more bad for our health.It was found that monosodium glutamate(MSG) was present in it. This was the main reason for Banning Maggi In India.

So we Can Conclude that maggi is nothing but a modern day slow poison.

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