How To Remove Dandruff Easily at Home

Dandruff is a problem which has controlled upon everyone’s head. Everyone is suffering from this problem at a point in their life. Today we will tell you how to remove dandruff easily at home. So let get started.

1. Drink lot of water

Dandruff flakes are just dry skin flakes.They arise when your skin does not get adequate amount of water. On average one must drink 2-3 L of water daily

2. Eat more protien.

Protein is the key to your hair related problem. Indians are taking only half of the requirement of daily protien. So start taking protien more. Eat pulses, chappati and drink milk.

3. Shampoo less.

Shampoo’s main reason are too wash your dirt off but now a days companies are making harsh shampoos. They wash off your natural oils too leading to dryness of scalp and hence lead to dandruff.

4. Condition more.

Conditioner is a product used to moisturize your scalp. If you have dandruff then you should shampoo less and condition more. Use conditioners which are paraben and sulfate free.

5 Be stress free.

Dandruff is a physical problem but it has mental roots. Stress is a main booster of dandruff and itching in your head. You must be stress free to deal with dandruff. This ia the best reason how to remove dandruff easily at home.

6. Massage your scalp.

Massaging your scalp is very important .It will moisturize your scalp to it fullest . Coconut oil is the best oil for massaging your scalp . You should massage your scalp with coconut oil and keep it overnight.

These are all the points which you should keep in mind . These are some ways how to remove dandruff easliy at home.

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