Movies play with our mind || why , how , when

Have you ever gone to a movie and felt that this movie just works with me.After you go home you start thinking of that movie all the time and you start to play your favourite character of movie. How movies play with our mind why? how ?when? Let’s start our topic.

Do really movies play with our mind?

Yes movies do control our brain. it can be seen through research is that people who have seen violent movies are being more violent after they go home. People who watch horror movies are tend to get frightened in dark. Watching horror films late at night and alone may play with your psychological mind and make you mad man.

Why movies play with our mind?

It is important for the business of the movie that it creates and great impact on your brain and you think of the movie again and again. Directors and producers used special psychological science and tricks which help to make a movie more interesting and dense in the point of view of business.

How movies play with our mind?

1.Point of view of a camera:

This is a true art of a cinematographer how he/she presents a scene through camera. you may have seen many movies with the same plot but they are different when seen and they have different impact on your mind. This is all due to the point of view of a camera done by a cinematographer.

2. Relation with real world:

Movies which have relation with the real world attend to make a great bussines those which are sci-fi movies and a not so close to the reality. People nowadays accept the movies which are close to reality and to which they can relate to their real life world. A person will fantasize himself as the hero of the movie when he can relate to the real life problems the character is facing.

3. Sound effects used in the movie:

Sound play a great role in the movies. In a horror scene if you add a background music of a love drama then it would not be horror ,it would be a comedy scene . Similarly a love drama with added screaming noise will rule of the whole scene and people will not be able to relate with it.

Show it to the movies play with you mind and it has great effect in your real life

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